Accredited Individuals

Accredited Individuals who earns >SGD300K in last reported income year, or with net assets >SGD2M


Accredited Institutions

Accredited Institutions with AUM >SGD10M, including family offices and other capital funds.

Investors We Seek

“Everyone else is wrong.” ~ Geoffrey Hinton “Godfather of AI” 

If you are an accredited investor or institutional investor who, like us, believe in seeding startups to scale across Southeast Asia, we would love to hear from you. Brain-Too-Free Ventures primarily focus on early stage seeding to Series A. Our vision is to have a strong group of investors who provide both capital and market access into Southeast Asian markets. The investments are close-ended and redeemable only at the end of the fund life. While we are confident in returning consistent strong IRR, our investment strategy is fundamentally suitable for long-term investors who can tolerate high variance of returns. Afterall, in investing, what is comfortable is rarely exponentially profitable.